3 Beauty Products You Can Make at Home

If you have seen my post on how to make your own natural deodorant, (see it here), then you might already think I am a bit “granola”. 

The truth is, I have found myself becoming more cautious about what ingredients are in the products I use regularly, and that has led me to experiment with recipes to simplify these products by making them at home with ingredients I can pronounce.

My first switch to homemade beauty products started with the DIY deodorant that I cannot live without. 

In my opinion, it was a simple and wise choice for me to take a few minutes every couple months to prepare this product since it is obviously something that is used daily.

Then the Pinterest Mom in me came out and I began to search for DIY recipes for other products I use on a daily basis.  Little by little, my bathroom cabinet became less and less full of commercial products I spent A LOT of money on, and my own homemade replacements for these products took their place. 

After much trial and error and searching tons of blogs, I finally found the homemade beauty product recipes that work best for me and I am happy to share them with you!

Miracle Night Cream

DIY miracle night cream

This is an amazing moisturizer and helps to brighten and detoxify your skin as you sleep.  Wanna try it?  Get the instructions here.

Whipped Body Butter with Essential Oils

whipped body butter diy

VERY simple recipe!  This is my every day body lotion.  There are so many different essential oil variations you can use to create different lotion scents.  This one is great to give as a gift as well because it looks so pretty when you make it!  Check it out here.

Face Cleanser with Avocado Oil & Honey

(Sorry, no photo for this one!  I will update next time I make this face wash.) 

This recipe calls for 3 ingredients and I’m pretty sure you can pronounce all of them.  Get the instructions here.

There is something refreshing about knowing exactly what is going into the products I use every day. 

DIY beauty products might not be for everyone, and I understand that.  I recommend that you at least make an effort to be more aware of the ingredients used in products you love and use.  Making informed decisions is so important.  If you try these products, let me know what you think!